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Eighteen of our Associação Porto-Bristol friends had first enjoyed a 4 day trip to Cornwall before joining us here in Bristol staying in a hotel in the Harbour area.  
They visited the newly opened Aerospace Museum tracing the history of Bristol’s link with transport and engineering and especially with aviation and world famous airplanes such as Concord.  An amazing journey from the first tram made here in Bristol through to guided missile systems, robotics and space research.

A pub lunch reintroduced our visitors to the joys of an English beer and cider at an old country pub. Then a short journey to Berkeley Castle lived in from the 12th century to the present day by the Berkeley family.  A fortress and a family home brought alive by stories told by our guides.  Our Porto friends were then hosted in the evening by local BOA members in their own homes.

The final morning was spent enjoying a stroll in sunshine around the harbour area including Porto Quay before walking to College Green and photographing the Spring flower beds. Have they lost something? Peter capturing an amusing moment ?   After just time for a brief visit to the Lord Mayors Chapel, then into the old town, Corn Street and St Nicholas Market.

Our final lunch in the harbour area was attended by Karen Alderson, wife of our former Chairman and President Marmaduke Alderson.  Marmaduke had left a gift in his will for the Association and Karen indicated that he would wish this to assist in the continued promotion of the twinning and in its work to support projects connected with Porto and Portugal.   

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